Sustainability and Innovation

When your challenge needs a solution that doesn’t exist.


When sustainability needs innovation.

Reaching sustainability goals does not only require the development and application of novel technologies. Invite helps you to identify partners, design and run these projects so that you have all the solutions to reach your sustainability objectives.

Open innovation

For innovations you cannot realize on your own.

For some problems the brightest minds do not work for you. We help you developing and executing the best way you can tap into the knowledge of universities, startups, and other companies to solve your challenge. One such example was the Robotics Grants4Tech challenge in collaboration with Bayer.

Modular facilities

Need more flexibility in your process?

This was the first focus area of Invite. The concept of a truly modular factories (F3-factory, ReeL, ...) provide flexibility which was not available before. It remains a point of interest for Invite.

For more details check out F3-Factory, ReeL, Synflow.

In case of interest, please feel free to contact the Head of Sustainability and Innovation, Dr. Maja Diebig-Lorenz.