TraceBot | Traceable Robotic Handling of Sterile Medical Products


Project objectives

  • The goal of TraceBot is to create robotic systems able to understand what they perceive and do, to ensure that any manipulation action is verified, thus meeting the needs of the regulated environment.
  • In the application of “sterility testing” the consortium will develop and demonstrate how the transition from manual to roboticized task execution can be achieved. This includes:
    • Traceability framework based on digital-twin technology
    • Tactile Grippers essential for handling of sterile liquids
    • Intuitive programming method adapts quickly to novel products
    • Sensors recognize and handle transparent vials with liquid


INVITE‘s Contribution – INVITE‘s value to the project

  • Invite is leading or contributing especially to the Work Packages “Use Case Description” as well as “Exploitation and Regulatory Engagement”.
  • The Use Case Description is about the transition from a written Standard Operation Procedure or an instruction manual understandable for the human to a set of tasks that can be executed by a robotic system.
  • In the Exploitation and Regulatory Engagement work package, INVITE will align all potential stakeholder in form of an industrial advisory board as well as including the regulatories. Finally, the main question is: compared to a „normal“ robotic setup would a TraceBot-ified robotic setup be beneficial for you?
  • INVITE’s roles in the TraceBot project then also includes bridging the gap between research and application, aiming especially at robot-friendlyequipment, the central validated robot skills in a process, and the final available TraceBot audit trail


Project partners



  • TraceBot receives funding from the European Union‘s H2020-EU.2.1.1. INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP programme (grant agreement No 101017089), 2021-2025