INVITE Science Talk 2023 - Sustainability

We invite you to an INVITE Science Talk where we take a deeper dive in sustainability. Aim is to keep the dialogue and interaction within our network vivid and discuss relevant topics for science and industry. It is an open event so please share it with other interested colleagues or friends.

Time: June 26th, 2023 9:30-10:30

Title: Sustainable wastewater treatment

Waste water is a valuable resource, e.g. for metals, phosphates, ammonium, energy and last but not least for fresh water. Recovery processes are often available, but mostly not efficient enough with regards to future climate protection requirements. There is a need for new processes and concepts to extract resources in a climate-friendly manner.

Three development projects funded by the BMBF are presented as examples on this topic. What all projects have in common is that measures to reduce CO2 emissions support the recovery and recycling of waste water constituents. Key processes, for which there is no practical experience to date, are transferred from the laboratory to practice.

In example 1, developments in biological fuel cells are presented in order to convert dissolved organic waste water constituents directly into electricity using electro-active microorganisms. These developments include new materials, a new reactor concept, but also new control approaches to control the electrical output as well as the growth of microorganisms.

Example 2 deals with the electrochemical treatment of waste water containing heavy metals. These developments include new materials, a new reactor concept and a new process control. Characteristics are: Low power consumption, no waste, no precipitation chemicals, efficient process water recovery.

The third example describes a resource-saving and CO2-emission-reducing recovery of phosphorus in municipal sewage treatment plants. Here, a "thermal energy-neutral" sewage sludge drying as well as material cycles for phosphoric acid, ammonia water, magnesium chloride are to be demonstrated.


Presenter: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sievers, TU Clausthal

Remark: The talk will be held in German!

Link: To attend use the following link