Formulation and Process Lab

Formulation and Process Lab has a focus on:

  • Understanding of delivery mechanisms of active ingredients
  • Developing of new technologies for active ingredient formulations along the process chain
  • Solving specific analytical issues in the field of environmental science


A selection of projects by Formulation & Process Lab comprises:

  • Overcoming low solubility and poor bioavailability issues with focus on amorphous formulations and nanotechnological approaches
  • Development of customized process technologies
  • Controlled drug release reservoir/matrix systems
  • Formulation and delivery of biomolecules
  • Understanding, analyzing and controlling of molecular mobility of drugs in their surrounding matrix
  • Continuous processing with focus on process understanding, scale-up and PAT
  • Individualized medicines and medical devices
  • 3D printing of medical devices and dosage forms
  • Integrity test method development for sterile (bio)pharmaceutical packaging
  • Analytical tools for environmental science